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Early identification and support of a child's developmental strengths and areas for growth is critical. Some families are looking for the opportunity to learn more about their child's current developmental profile. Others may have specific concerns regarding their child's development that have been observed within their home, school, or community settings. Developmental evaluations are for children ages 2-5 years and are approached from an engaging, play-based perspective through the use of evidence-based assessments. Developmental assessments provide diagnostic clarification and individually-tailored recommendations for each child's unique presentation. Common presenting concerns include questions regarding possible Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech-Language Disorder, and challenges in the areas of foundational social-emotional, executive functioning, school readiness, and pre-academic skills.

Child Psycholgist


Comprehensive evaluations provide insight into your child's cognitive, learning, and social-emotional profile. Although evaluations are targeted to fit the needs of each family's primary concerns/questions, assessment is often conducted across domains of intelligence, academic achievement, attention, executive functioning, memory, speech-language, and social-emotional skills. Common presenting concerns include questions regarding possible Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disorders, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or other social-emotional-behavioral and learning challenges. Evaluations provide diagnostic clarification and individually-tailored recommendations for your child's unique presentation and context. Regardless of whether your child receives a formal diagnosis, your family will receive thoughtful, comprehensive feedback and recommendations to better understand and support your child's growth.

We provide a variety of evidence-based therapy services individualized to meet goals focusing on social-emotional and behavioral challenges that your child or adolescent might be experiencing. Our approaches include behavioral strategies, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We also offer one-on-one caregiver/parent training to help you understand how to best support your child at home and in the community.

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In the Classroom


We are available to consult with your child's school team via school observations and participation in school meetings. School meetings are incredibly effective in facilitating the development of a thoughtful school plan for your child, whether that means an Individual Education Program (IEP), 504 Plan, or less formalized supports and strategies within your child's school setting. If your child has participated in an evaluation, we will present evaluation findings to your child's school, with a focus on practical application of interventions and supports within their educational setting. We can also assist you in better understanding your child's current educational plan and preparing to advocate for your child during important school meetings.

Presentations include but are not limited to: neurodevelopmental differences (e.g., autism spectrum, learning differences, etc.), developmental milestones, positive behavior management strategies, applied behavior analysis (ABA), twice exceptionality, IEP’s/504 Plans, parent advocacy, well-child visit screenings, fostering speech-language skills, & potty training.

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